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MCR-inspired Pick-up Lines :)

  1. You stole my heart like Pedicone stole everything.
  2. I need you like Frank Iero needs a step stool.
  3. On our wedding day, we’ll shoot a bullet through a flock of doves.
  4. You’re so beautiful, no one could wage a war against your face.
  5. Want me to show you that I can move as fast as a jaguar? ;)
  6. You fill my heart with thoughts of endless nights.
  7. Trust me baby, the scarecrow won’t find your body if it’s under mine ;)
  8. I love you like Gerard loves Frankenberry.
  9. Will you be the Lindsey to my Gerard? (can be reversed and switched with other band members and their wives)
  10. Why don’t you blow me…a kiss before ya go?
  11. You into the kinky stuff? Cause I’ll be your surgeon, your proctor, your helicopter…
  12. You ain’t my demolition lover until you come destroy my bed with me.
  13. Honey, this mirror may not be big enough for the two of us, but my bed sure is. (Accredited to Erica, aka “Shystrangemanica” Link: http://shystrangemanic.tumblr.com/)
  14. I’m a ghost without you.
  15. If I was filming a music video based off D-day, you’d be my favorite part.
  16. I’d let you see my bad-ass pajamas any day ;)
  17. Kissing you is more magical than kissing Frank.
  18. I would totally suck you off just because you have a better car than me.
  19. I can’t stop believing in you— you’re too awesome.
  20. I wouldn’t care if you duct taped my knees.
  21. You are all my treasures.
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