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Who else misses Tumblr before it was this?

The weird/sad kids weren’t here from day 1? Man, that must have been beautiful.

it was different once…

I remember






Girl rapping makes boy choke: Rap battle 




Oh shit 😂

For real, I love this chick






So if a teenager is at school for roughly 8 hours, and they are doing homework for 6+ hours, and they need AT LEAST 9 HOURS OF SLEEP FOR THEIR DEVELOPING BRAINS, then they may have 0-1 hours for other activities like eating, bathing, exercise, socializing (which is actually incredibly important for emotional, mental, and physical health, as well as the development of skills vital to their future career and having healthy romantic relationships among other things), religious activities, hobbies, extra curriculars, medical care of any kind, chores (also a skill/habit development thing and required by many parents), relaxation, and family time?  Not to mention that your parents may or may not pressure you to get a job, or you might need to get one for economic reasons.


also filed under: reasons high schools copy homework and cheat

Why can’t I just make things easy and keep my mouth shut?

All the hardest, coldest people you meet,
were once as soft as water.
And that’s the tragedy of living.

—Iain S. Thomas (via poetisch)

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You have NO idea how happy thid makes me. Beautiful black girl in seifuku with notes. Lord yes

she’s. so. CUTE!

please tell me who this is

This looks like Nicki Minaj when she was younger… but i know it isn’t her o.o




A gameshow that forces male nerds into the unnecessarily sexualized outfits female video game characters have that they defend as “practical,” and then makes them do agility training

Ironically, the misogynistic female outfits would be FAR more agile than a big ass suit of armor and a 15lbs sword 

you would think


The many faces of tootie


yeah except American Superheroes  should always wonder why the badguys always attack New York first

…maybe New York is always being attacked because it’s a financial epicenter? Or maybe it’s because of it’s significance in the concern that it was where the majority of new citizens, or those seeking citizenship, had to pass through when coming to the U.S.? And can we just talk about how most “classic” comics were made in the 1930s and 1940s and how that probably has something to do with New York being always attacked first? The point of this scene, objectively, is a slap on the U.S. or it’s a joke purely on the idea of world peace. Assuming this is making fun of Power Rangers, which was in the 90s, early 2000s, then it’s talking about Japan being a growing powerhouse, overshadowing U.S. economics. Or it’s a face value joke of how they want world peace, but don’t really want world peace, rather they just want the problem to go away. I mean, who talks about peace by moving the violence to a different location? So congrats on not only being unaware of New York’s importance in the world, but for also bringing it up in an almost unrelated subject :)

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I was the one who loved you even when you gave me thousands of reasons not to.

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